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Hi! I’m Big Pig’s feet. Thanks for stopping by.

Greetings internet friends! You have found the blog of Big Pig’s Feet, a trampled-underfoot weight loss blog. The journey has already started so please read. I’m Adam by the way, human being of earth or 38-year-old fat man in North Central Colorado to be on the nose.

Health Blogger & Influencer

I’ve been losing weight. My highest most recent weight was 410 lbs. I was a little higher than that earlier this year at 412 – 415 lbs. On June 24, 2018 I started my most recent attempt at weight loss with the potato diet. It’s not a fad diet, it’s more like a hack since it’s only attempted for days at a time. A month and 19 lbs down I feel like I’m moving in the right direction in a substantially more determined way than the past, so I’ve decided to compile my experience of my weight loss adventure in Big Pig’s Feet.

I have plenty of smaller goals, but a big goal of mine is to play on a softball league by next year. I might be too big in the Spring at 317 lbs, so a summer, at 301 lbs, or fall league, at 281 lbs, is probably more realistic. We’ll see I suppose. If I can’t make it work in 2019, I’ll certainly join one in 2020. I love baseball and I’ve been wanting to join a softball league for a long time, but could never lose the weight. A smaller goal of mine is to go to a baseball game at Coors Field and fit in the seats.

Health Blogger

I love walking, too. My ultimate goal, and I know I’m dreaming big here, is to hike the Appalachian trail from Georgia to Maine by the Spring of 2020 or 2021. That is even further down the line closer to my goal weight. If I’m lucky and financially in a good place I will achieve that goal. Right now I’m working towards that goal by walking as many days a week as I can. My first hiking attempt will be the bike paths in town. Then Rabbit Mountain in Lyons. After that either Green Mountain in Boulder, or Twin Sisters in Allenspark. Before I hike the Appalachian Trail I’ll hike Longs Peak and Mount Meeker. Yes, a 14er. I’m sure other hikes will certainly grab my interest along the way as well.

With these goals they will undoubtedly involve my feet. My feet are big, I am big, and my veracious appetite to wolf down food makes me a pig. Thus, the blogger name Big Pig’s Feet.  My number one biggest passion in life is informing though the written word, so please join me, Big Pig’s Feet, on my weight loss adventure.

Q Which brands have you worked with?


Q How many pages views do you get each month?


Q What is your long term plan for your blog?

Within a few years I want there to be enough readers so I can make the blog a full time job.

Q How quickly can your turnaround a blog for us?

A day

Q What made you start a blog?

This isn't my first rodeo. This is my fifth blog attempt. I love writing words and informing the public with my experiences. I've reached another new experience in my life and I'd love to share it.

Q Which countries do you get most of your web traffic from?

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